2nd Deployment 2012-2013 IS NOW COMPLETE!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Media Support

We are mentioned in this online article.

Photo by Bill Larson clarksvilleonline.com
Thank you, Bill Larson, for being a part of our welcome home ceremony again! We appreciate your support of our soldiers!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Return

This is the march of heros! {click this link}

Welcome home, Clay

Simply stated… I am happy to have another deployment complete. And, I’m grateful for my faith, family and friends that made this journey with us again.
Upon returning to Ft. Campbell I knew what to expect. Even so, the emotions were overwhelming at times.

Rain followed us East and once again I prayed for good weather so we could be outside of the hangar to watch the plane arrive and our soldier with “boots on the ground”. We had clear skies when the plane arrived (and a beautiful sunset).

This homecoming was different than the one in 2011 for Clay had his own family awaiting his return. I knew I would have to wait my turn for one of those big hugs and kisses and this Nana was okay with that.

As the plane approached my heart was filled with love, pride and relief. We waited and watched for our soldier to approach the hangar. With over 250 soldiers on board it felt like forever until we were able to connect with the one face we’d been waiting so long to see. How can you love your child any more than you did yesterday? Well, you can!

Last night my heart prayed for the mother of Clay’s replacement. I understand the journey before her and will pray for her in the days ahead. When your children enlist, we enlist, by default.

I’d like to tell you we are through with these trying times, but I can’t. Clay re-enlisted during his deployment and the future will always hold the possibility of another sacrifice of self and family.

For now, another deployment behind us! We can go back to normal, right? 

Some photos from our reunion ~

Click on the label "Penguin" to read his history with our family.

Photo by 1st Brigade Combat Team ~ Facebook